evaKool Cooler Box 85L with divider

evaKool Cooler Box 85L with divider


Why choose our Evakool Icekool Cooler Boxes:

A choice of 19 practical sizes designed with 20 years of experience to lean on. Designed for the harshest of condition – double tough polyethylene wall construction with a filling of refrigeration grade polyurethane (ISO Polyal) insulation foam. Wall insulation with a thickness of 25mm to 50mm depending on the model. Stretch hold downs loops for constant lid pressure with food quality seal. Roto-moulded cabinet. Light blue colour that reflects heat. Will keep ice for 3 to 10 days (depending on model). Leak proof, rustproof, corrosion free and UV treated. Moulded one piece inner – hygienic and easy to clean. Lightweight, crack and chip resistant yet strong enough to sit or stand on. Thorough drainage with internal drain recess on larger models, for total drainage ease of use. Quality fittings with handles that can be used as tie downs. All models carry a 5 year no fuss warranty.



What makes this cooler box so unique is it comes with a 70/30 divider. Each fitted with its own drain bun. Keep your solid ice, food and beverages on one side and loose ice cubes on the other side. This ensures that the ice you want to use for your drinks, do not become contaminated.

It comes with two handles which makes it easy to carry and can be used as tie down points. As the price and five-year warranty suggests, Evakool Icekool coolers are considered a premium product. In an unfortunate event or accidental damage – parts are easy to replace and obtain.

EvaKool offers the ultimate in cooler-box performance and a host of features that no other cooler does. These are reliable do-it all alternatives to a fridge, and, thanks to various internal compartments, offer an ideal sorting and storage solution.

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